Idaho Republican State Central Committee Votes Unanimously for Resolution to End Mandatory Vaccines in Idaho

The Idaho GOP State Central Committee voted unanimously for a resolution to end mandatory vaccines in Idaho. This resolution asks the Idaho GOP Chair Tom Luna to send a letter to all Republican legislators asking them to address mandatory vaccines.

The Resolution stated, “Whereas, the development of the Covid-19 vaccinations are currently in clinical trials and authorized for Emergency Use Only and have not been approved nor licensed by the Food and Drug Administration or have a long record of use without injury,

Whereas, several businesses including major medical facilities in the State of Idaho are now enforcing an experimental Covid-19 vaccination as a condition of employment against the conscience of employees or be subject to immediate termination without cause,

Whereas, the National Republican Party Platform respects the rights of conscience of healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and organizations, and,

Whereas, the Idaho Republican Party Platform Article XIII overwhelming affirms individual rights in healthcare decisions and the right for all persons to conscientiously object to vaccines that conflict with their moral or religious beliefs, and,

Many hospitals in Idaho and across the nation have already begun to mandate vaccines for all healthcare workers causing some to lose their jobs. Due to Idaho’s “RINO” Governor Brad Little’s inaction on the issue, many healthcare workers have been left to dry.

As some healthcare workers refuse to take the Covid-19 vaccine, hospitals across the country have seen a labor shortage. St. Luke’s hospital in Idaho has already admitted they have seen a recent shortage in labor which has negatively affected their overall ability to provide care.

Things will only get worse for St. Luke’s because on September 1st all unvaccinated workers will be fired. This will most likely have disastrous effects on the hospital and patients care.

Republican Gubernatorial candidate in Idaho Ed Humphreys posted:

“Resolution to ban vaccine mandates was adopted unanimously by the Idaho Republican State Central Committee! The resolution was introduced in my committee just a short time ago. It’s time for the legislature to listen to the people!”

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