Idaho Wins Legal Battle with Leftist Extremists Trying to Turn Boise into Portland, can Now Ban Homeless Camps from State Property

“Idaho is not Portland, LA, San Francisco, or Seattle,” Idaho Governor Brad Little declared after the state of Idaho won a lawsuit to prevent illegal encampments.

“We’ve sent a clear message: Idaho does not tolerate illegal public encampments and destruction of public property. Idaho is not Portland, LA, San Francisco, or Seattle where public officials have engaged in failed experiments to permit and encourage unsafe and destructive public camping. Our successful outcome is the result of a deliberate, careful, thoughtful strategy involving complex legal issues while ensuring the state meets is obligation to protect public health and safety,” Little shared.

He added, “It is unfortunate activists chose to take advantage of vulnerable members of our community and encouraged the illegal activity while resources are available nearby to help these individuals. Combatting public encampments serves the best interests of all Idahoans.”

Around the start of the 2022 legislative session in Idaho a homeless encampment protest popped up on Idaho state property located near Jefferson and 6th street in the capital city of Boise.

Police service and enforcement were called into action for multiple violations and dangerous conduct of the encampment which included, violence, the presence of hypodermic needles, drug abuse and distribution, fire hazards, vomit-covered tents as well as other things.

In March of 2022 under Little’s direction, the Department of Administration filed a lawsuit to stop the illegal public encampment. In the days following the lawsuit, individuals started to leave and the state removed the abandoned tents as well as garbage and other harmful waste.

It wasn’t long after that advocates filed a lawsuit to challenge the state’s actions. Little moved to dismiss the lawsuit and the court sided with the state’s position.

In the ruling the court pointed out, Idaho has a significant interest in, “maintaining the Capitol grounds in an attractive and intact condition… ensuring the health and safety of its citizens, and providing unobstructed grounds and convenient access to the Capitol Mall area.”

Previously, State Police has to find secondary infractions committed by the activists to have the leverage to get them to leave.

Many homeless activists admitted they didn’t want to use available local homeless shelters because there were rules against things like using illegal drugs.

Although current Republican Governor Brad Little isn’t the leader of choice for many Idaho political activists, it’s still a win for all sane Idahoans.

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