Insurance Company Sues Amber Heard, Cites ‘Willful’ Misconduct Leading to Defamation Lawsuit

Actress Amber Heard reportedly is relying on her homeowner’s policy to cover her costs to defend herself in the defamation lawsuit that was filed by her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

Now that the verdict is in and Heard owes Depp millions of dollars, New York Marine and General Insurance Co. has filed a lawsuit citing “willful” misconduct by Heard that lead to the defamation lawsuit.

Heard had a $1 million liability policy and while legal experts said that while using a homeowner’s insurance policy is common in defamation cases, most policies have a clause that stipulates judgment costs will not be covered.

Virginia lawyer Jeremiah Denton told the New York Post last month, “A lot of insurance policies provide coverage for defamation but they have an exclusion in, which says ‘We will not cover any intentional wrongdoing,'”

Emmy nominated actor Greg Ellis mocked the situation in a recent tweet where he first said, “Amber Heard: Hey, insurance company, you need to cover $1million of the damages verdict Johnny Depp won against me.”

“New York Marine Insurance company: No. We’re not paying you. Why? You committed wrongful WILLFUL misconduct. Your own conduct negates the terms of our policy,” Ellis retorted.

Following the verdict being handed down, “The Five” co-host Jeanine Pirro said that she believes Heard “created a wrath that wasn’t there” because she tried to “ride on the wings of battered women.”

In her 2018 op-ed that led to the lawsuit, Heard claimed that she “spoke up against sexual violence — and faced our culture’s wrath.”

Pirro also dismissed suggestions that Heard might appeal because she doesn’t know what Heard is “going to appeal about.”

Heard’s attorney filed a motion on Friday for a mistrial and Depp’s attorneys have asked judge to deny the request.

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