‘The Five’ Embarrasses CNN and MSNBC With Another Ratings Record as Left-Leaning News Struggles Ahead of Likely Red Wave

The second quarter of 2022’s ratings verifies that Fox News Channel is the most-watched cable news network, both in primetime and total daily viewers according to Nielsen Media Research.

The most-watched show on Fox News is “The Five”. “The Five” is a news commentary show that kicks off Fox News primetime Monday through Friday. As the name suggests, there are five hosts on the show.

The full-time hosts include Greg Gutfeld, Dana Perino, Jesse Watters, and Judge Jeanine Pirro. The show also has three rotating hosts who represent a liberal viewpoint, Geraldo Rivera, Jessica Tarlov, and Harold Ford Jr. as well as many guest cohosts have filled in.

“The Five” total viewers for the second quarter was 3,299,000, a very impressive number, making it the top-rated cable news show. “Tucker Carlson Tonight” came in second with 3,233,000 viewers. The top five spots in the cable news category were all Fox News shows.

While the numbers show a drop for Fox News in primetime at 2% overall total day viewership is up 11%. This bucks the trend of the other cable news networks which have dropped over 30% in both total day viewership as well as primetime.

Fox News numbers really embarrassed, CNN and MSNBC by beating them out even when you combine their numbers together and compare them, Fox News is still ahead.

Some believe this follows the trends we have been seeing with entertainment. Top Gun: Maverick shattered records and was a refreshingly patriotic movie with no obvious “woke” propaganda being plugged.

In the eyes of the right, however, Fox News isn’t perfect and pushes some leftism themselves at times such as their segment promoting a child who transitioned at a very young age. That segment was shared for “Pride Month”. It seems they are doing the best out of all the big cable news networks, which often get shadow censored by ad networks who threaten to pull advertisements when Tucker Carlson and others say things that are not “politically correct”.

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers warned about Fox News trending leftward, despite the ratings increases as of late: