James O’Keefe Drops the Hammer on Project Veritas after he was Removed, Introduces O’Keefe Media ‘to Empower Citizens Through Journalism’

As we hit the middle of March, independent Journalist James O’Keefe has announced, “We launch today. #OMG”. O’Keefe was ousted from the journalist organization he started Project Veritas earlier this year.

O’Keefe’s new project is titled “O’Keefe Media Group”. He shared a tweet from his new venture’s Twitter account adding, “They have awakened a sleeping giant! My brand new movement O’Keefe Media Group will not just be me – It will include you. Let’s build this army and keep every statehouse, every city council, every school board and everywhere people are conspiring to keep power, proactive…”

O’Keefe Media Group tweeted, “We are here to empower citizens through journalism. Subscribe & join us today!”. The tweet also includes a video in which O’Keefe highlights the ACORN story which catapulted him to notoriety. He goes on in the video to talk about being ousted from Project Veritas. He then states, “they have awakened the sleeping giant… I’m back”, he has with him a small group of elite journalists who have remained by his side through all of this. “We will never be shut down”, he promises.

O’Keefe is asking for support in his effort to expose those in power. The link in the tweet from O’Keefe Media goes to the website where you can subscribe for $200 a year or 19.99 a month. The platform is set to launch on independence day at which time the annual subscription will increase to $240.

The website is also seeking those interested in investing in one of the founding member plans which vary in cost from $500 to $5,000. The different levels show what the donation will provide for the new media group, and they all come with a one year subscription to the service.

It seems O’Keefe is taking a different path with this new venture in an effort to maintain control of the group. With the launch of the platform set for July 4th, we will see what revelation comes next from Mr. O’Keefe.

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