JAMES ROSEN: Bobulinski Says FBI Looking Into China AND Burisma Regarding Hunter Biden Probe

There has just been some more breaking information regarding the investigation into Hunter Biden from material witness Tony Bobulinski who has been interviewed by the FBI. When questioned by the FBI he says it was mainly on Hunter Biden’s texts and him being on the board of Burisma in Ukraine. 

This information comes from James Rosen on Twitter. Below you can see more information regarding the interview.

Bobulikski was interviewed by Sinclair Broadcasting Company after he was done with the FBI questioning him for five hours. 

Below is another video from James Rosen on Twitter regarding the developing story.

As you can see each day there seems to be more and more information and evidence coming out against Hunter Biden which may involve his father, Joe Biden. The mainstream media and those on the left have refused to cover this bombshell information as they see it as “Russian disinformation”.

Joe Biden is lucky this didn’t come out earlier as it might have a more serious impact on the election and during the debates.