Jen Psaki Claims That Only People in ‘Some Parts of the Country’ Are Affected By Rising Gas Prices

At today’s White House press briefing, President Joe Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki claimed that only people in “some parts of the country” are affected by rising gas prices.

In a clip, shared by RNC Research, Psaki can be seen saying, “The American people are of course impacted by rising prices of gas, in some parts of the country, not all.”

RNC Research said of the claim, “This is completely false. Gas prices are UP in all 50 states since last year.”

Fox Business reported on Monday that just eight states have average prices under $3 per gallon, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas, Alabama, and Missouri, and the national average was at $3.25 per gallon, although it is now reported to be at $3.29 per gallon.

An article from October 14, 2019 reported that the national average gas price at that point was $2.63 per gallon and a graph in the article showed that at no point in the four years prior to that was the average over $3.

During another part of the press briefing, Psaki said that she was unaware of any direct talks between Biden administration officials and energy companies about efforts to lower gas prices.

Reuters report attempted to throw the administration a bone by stating that the White House was in contact with U.S.-based oil and gas producers about several topics, including gas prices.

“I’m actually not aware of any contact with oil and gas companies around this particular issue,” Psaki said, dismissing accusations that the administration cares that Americans are paying more at the pump.

Many would argue that commuter vehicles are becoming more efficient, but that doesn’t account for business vehicles, which often require more gas.

Even if somebody has a vehicle that gets better gas mileage, they will likely be affected eventually by high gas prices, one way or another.

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