Jim Acosta Tries to Downplay President Trump’s Energy in Minnesota Despite Three Rallies a Day

President Trump has been doing up to three rallies a day, outshining Joe Biden in physical campaigning by any possible metrics. Today he was reportedly unhappy, after Minnesota capped rally attendance levels causing the campaign to have to reorganize the critical Minnesota rally. Nevertheless, the show went on, as you can see in the full rally video below.

The Hill reported on the MN chaos:

State and local officials have capped large gatherings at 250 people in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus. The limit drew the ire of Trump, who typically draws thousands of people to his rallies at airplane hangars.

“We’re having a problem with some people in Minnesota where they have a cap because Biden goes there and he can’t draw flies, he can’t draw anybody,” Trump said, referencing Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

The Hill also reported that President Trump will hold up to four rallies a day in the final three days of campaigning. Jim Acosta took to Twitter to try to downplay President Trump’s amazing energy by hinting that perhaps he looked a little bit tired in Minnesota right before the rally wrapped up.

I’d like to see Jim Acosta do 3-4 rallies a day telling people how great he believes CNN is without getting tired! Shamelessly he tweeted:

“Trump appears very tired at this rally in MN, slowly moving through his prepared remarks.”

Although Covid-19 is no joke, the left could very well be nervous about a possible Trump win in Minnesota, especially after a big Trump win where the 8th Circuit Court ruled that Minnesota could only count ballots until 8 PM on election day, bucking the trend seen in North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

Media Right News previously reported:

The U.S. 8th Circuit Court of Appeals has just handed President Trump a major win in the key battleground state of Minnesota. The Court has decided by 2-1 that all absentee ballots must be in by 8 P.M. on election day. 

This is yet another court win for the President as absentee ballots tend to lean more Democrat than Republican. With Minnesota expected to be close, every single vote matters. 

Anything can happen in this election on November third between Joe Biden and President Trump, and the mail in vote scenario, plus Hunter Biden scandals and Covid-19 coupled with shattering enthusiasm for President Trump from his base means not even the most seasoned of pollsters can really say for sure what will happen.

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