Jim Jordan Goes on the Offensive: There’s Never Been a Bigger ‘Disinformation’ Campaign Than the Russia Hoax

On Monday, U.S. House Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) expressed his outrage after two House Democrats sent a letter asking them to cancel conservative media to the CEO’s of major TV providers by asking, “Can you imagine the outrage if Republicans tried to cancel MSNBC?”

Today, Jordan went on the offensive, offering a reason why media outlets like MSNBC could potentially be cancelled.

In a tweet, Jordan said, “There’s never been a bigger ‘disinformation’ campaign than the Russia hoax.”

Jordan added, sarcastically, “But the Left is trying to cancel Newsmax, Fox News, and OANN?”

Earlier today, Jordan sent out a defiant message that sent liberals and RINOs into a frenzy when he tweeted out, “President Trump is the leader of the Republican Party.”

That tweet got the attention of The Lincoln Project, who responded, “January 6 made that very clear.”

Left-wing Twitter user Jeff Tiedrich replied, “Your guy lost you the senate, the house and the presidency all in the span of two years, but sure bro, keep on backing the losing loser who loses. I’ll be over here, snickering.”

As U.S. House Rep Steve Scalise (R-LA) pointed out, sending such a letter really appears to be an attempt to influence free press and like something you would see in a communist country like the former Soviet Union.

Therefore, it is unlikely that any Republicans will try a similar maneuver, although some have called for them to do so.