Jim Jordan Puts James Clapper and John Brennan on Notice, Renews Request For Information

In a pair of letters today, U.S. House Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) put former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former Director of the CIA John Brennan on notice as he renewed a request for information.

The requests by Jordan make it clear who the highest-ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee plans to target first ahead of the next Congress when he obtains subpoena power.

Jordan sent letters to Clapper and Brennan as well as the Executive Assistant Director of the FBI’s Human Resource Branch, Jennifer Moore, and the former executive director for the Department of Homeland Security’s Disinformation Governance Board, Nina Jankowicz.

In the four letters, Jordan warned that he is committed to getting the information by a “compulsory process if necessary.”

Jordan asked for voluntary cooperation at this point as he reiterated previous requests for information and even transcribed interviews that have gone unanswered with House Republicans in the minority.

In regards to Clapper and Brennan, Jordan wants information and documents pertaining to a statement they signed onto in October 2020, after they’d left public service, that sought to discredit a New York Post story about Hunter Biden.

In a tweet, Jordan shared the letters to Clapper and Brennan and declared, “James Clapper & John Brennan are on notice.”

In another tweet, Jordan shared the letters that he sent to the other two and said, “We’re inviting Nina Jankowicz & Jennifer Leigh Moore to appear for transcribed interviews with the House Judiciary Committee.”


  1. It won’t matter. They’re Democrats. They are never accountable for their lies and deceit. It seems as if they have gotten away with everything. Destroying the lives of anyone who supports any opposition to their agenda. They successfully went after General Flynn . With their lies and deceit, they, threatening his family and destroying his life for no other reason than to try to get to Trump. With the Democrat party , anything goes. No scheme is too low. Even cheating and playing the dirty schemes with our Democracy. How is it that the Democrat party be so slimy and get away with it How is that this brain dead president can destroy our economy, sent the country into the worst inflation in 50 years, run the price of transportation and heating fuel up to record highs, lose complete control of our southern border and still get so many votes during the midterm, when it really should have been a red-tsunami? Especially after 4 years of Trump, when the saw border security, low inflation, record-high job, the strongest military ever true prosperity across America. How can they not see what is good for this country and what is not. How can so many Americans be so naive? I have hoped for justice, too often to believe that Jordan can make it happen now.

    1. Excellent breakdown, could not agree more, Tom. All these questions and too many more to count.

    2. Exactly .. they’ll have some Tray Gowdy, DO NOTHING hearings, and we won’t hear anymore.

  2. Tom, we have to hope that it turns out to be so obvious that, like Nixon, there will be dems who will finally have to admit that there is corruption in their party who were selling OUR country out!

    1. Keep hoping…it works SO well.

  3. Clapper and Brennan are pooping their pants, I’m sure. They must be terrified because of the way Republicans are always holding Democrats to account! LOL!

  4. It never fails, good news for Republicans always brings out the left’s lackeys to try and sour the moment. Tis is Jim Jordan NOT tray gowdy. There will be NO “do nothing” hearings.

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