Joe Biden Even Loses Liberal Jeff Bezos in the Culture War as Mid-Terms Loom

Joe Biden’s tweet about how to “solve” inflation certainly hit a nerve with former Amazon CEO and multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos on Friday.

Biden shared, “You want to bring down inflation? Let’s make sure the wealthiest corporations pay their fair share.” “Pay their fair share,” is somewhat of Biden’s slogan as he uses it as what he thinks is a solution to many of America’s problems.

Being that Bezos ran one of the biggest corporations in America, it comes as no surprise he had his own thoughts on Biden’s tweet.

Bezos started off by going after, what many see as a joke, Biden’s “newly created Disinformation Board”. He called on them to review Biden’s tweet and then suggests a new board be formed instead, called the “Non Sequitur Board”. Basically, Bezos is saying there is no logic to back up Biden’s claim.

He then points out that discussion of inflation or raising corporate taxes is acceptable but, “Mushing them together is just misdirection.”

Newsbusters’ Autumn Johnson shared Bezos’s tweet with, “Dang they lost Jeff”.

As we reported earlier, the majority of Americans do not approve of Biden’s handling of the economy. Looking at his latest tweet Biden is holding on to a concept that doesn’t seem logical to many Americans.

Well-known investor, and one of the original members of CNBC’s “Fast Money”, Guy Adami replied to Biden’s tweet, “Respectfully… no, that has absolutely nothing to do with it”.

Twitter user Stephanie Ferguson shared some basic economics in response to Biden’s tweet, “Whoever wrote this doesn’t understand basic economics. Supply & demand causes inflation. Printing money we don’t have & sending the country into further debt causes inflation. Also, raising taxes for corps will cause a trickle down effect thus raising prices more.”

Biden is vastly out of touch with Americans, even seemingly the wealthy elites, when it comes to the economy at least. With inflation at highs, that most people haven’t seen in their lifetime, some are worried about what moves this president will make next. To many, Biden’s policies put Americans last and seem to elevate the rest of the world at our expense.

Of course, Bezos is no friend of the right-wing and definitely still against Donald Trump. But when liberal billionaires and the people they help put into office clash, things get messy for the left-wing indeed.