Paul Gosar Points Out Number of Americans Tragically ‘Killed by Mexican Fentanyl’ in Implication that the Government Has Priorities all Wrong

U.S. House Rep Paul Gosar (R-AZ) has been public enemy number one in the eyes of radical leftists and even many RINOs. That hasn’t stopped him from speaking out against things he disagrees with and voicing his opinions, however, no matter how controversial they may come across to some. Many people in both parties have taken the “change my profile pic” stance on the Russia-Ukraine war, seemingly on the same side as the tragic battle across the sea wages on.

Although no one wants war, death, or tragic conflict that hurts innocent people, many people have questioned the amount of money spent supporting Ukraine, and others are wondering if Americans’ interests are not being put first.

Of course, in the eyes of many American voters, American interests have not been put first for a long long time. Donald Trump ran on this in 2016. The lines are blurry now, because Fox News’ Sean Hannity parrots one narrative, while the higher-rated Tucker Carlson, appears to have an entirely different world view, highlighting a fracture within the GOP.

Many wonder if the GOP voter base, however, isn’t as fractured as the elites may want us to think. Perhaps it’s the Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, and Adam Kinzingers of the GOP who want to paint a false narrative. Rep. Gosar issued a tweet today, seeking to highlight a real problem happening in our own nation:

“Total Number of Americans killed by Russia in 2021: 0 Total number of Americans killed by Mexican fentanyl in 2021: 105,000”

It’s important that we have the ability to stand up for our own nation in a positive way, and many are seeing censorship as being much more than just protection from “radicalism” but rather a tool used by the left to stop the right.

Elon Musk has sought to provide more free speech on Twitter with a potential buyout, but now that is temporarily on hold and it’s unclear what the state of “censorship” will be as the mid-terms loom. With Joe Biden in the White House pushing the agenda he is being told to by his handlers in our view, Americans will have to vote for what they want going forward and they’ll have to do it decisively.

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