Joe Biden has Worst Gaffe Yet While Crowd Awkwardly Laughs, has he Given up Completely?

On Tuesday, Joe Biden visited Arizona. He gave a speech at the site of a new computer chip plant in Phoenix.

He started off with, “What I’m most excited about is people are starting to feel a sense of optimism as they see the impact of the achievements in their own lives. It’s going to accelerate in the months ahead and it’s part of a broad story about the economy we’re building that works for everyone.”

However, when he tried to talk about the size of the semiconductors being produced, which are going to be three nanometers in size he lost himself.

He said, “Three nano chip, chips that are three nano, you know what I’m saying. Nano, no-no, I don’t know.” The crowd laughed at his gaffe and Biden just moved on from there.

Biden’s gaffes are just par for the course when you listen to his speeches. While he reads from a teleprompter he seems to get lost along the way. It appears he may have no idea what will be in the speeches before he reads them as it seems to happen to him frequently.

His administration also tries to keep him from answering questions. Without a script, the President continues to say things that the White House then has to walk back.

Biden’s gaffes and the continued effort to clean up the things he says off script appear to many that Biden may just be a puppet.

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  1. Hey Nancy…he sure is “presidential” right?

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