Miller Pushes Back Against Theory that Trump Wants Constitution ‘Suspended’, Claims Biden’s Border Disaster Actually Nullifies Constitution

Recently, former and possible future President Donald Trump posted a Truth Social statement. This particular statement in question was following part 1 of Elon Musk’s Twitter document release.

The release largely glossed over or downplayed by the likes of MSNBC and other large outlets highlighted that the Democrat party has been able to influence Twitter.

Some Republicans had some influence as well, and before critical elections, but the connections between political actors and Twitter censorship before the Musk age has been reportedly largely in favor of Democrats and the Biden family and campaign particularly.

While Democrat leaning media outlets can’t really refute this data, they have downplayed Twitter’s ability to affect elections or downplayed the whole story in various way.

Donald Trump was furious as he believes this may have affected the 2020 election.

Donald Trump has since clarified:

Truth Social Screenshot

Trump ally and America First legal’s Stephen Miller further took the Democrat-media complex to task in his opinion:

“Biden suspended the Constitution his first day in office when he unilaterally nullified the sovereign border of the United States and the duly enacted immigration laws that govern it.”

Many Trump haters feel this is yet another “we really got Trump now” moment. But the 2024 presidential candidate has previously shown such resilience that this is likely not much more than a blip in the radar of what anyone considers “scandalous” by any means in our view.

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  1. The Dem’s now see the laws do not apply to them as the crimes they commit are never prosecuted.

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