Joe Biden Plans Virtual Inauguration Ceremony, How Many Would Have Signed Up Though?

Politico is complaining apparently, that President Trump will be able to brag about having a bigger inauguration crowd, based on a technicality, if Trump does not succeed in his legal challenges to the 2020 presidential election.

This is because apparently, Joe Biden is planning a virtual swearing-in ceremony in lieu of a traditional one. The likely reason given will be to prevent the spread of Covid-19 while the government will be attempting to convince citizens to get a vaccine.

Time will tell how they manage to do that by the way. But nevertheless, this is the situation at hand and Biden will likely have a very small physical crowd. The real question is how big would it have actually been was there never a Covid-19 pandemic?

Nobody can say for sure. Although President Trump’s campaign rallies were extremely bigger than the ones for the Biden/Harris campaign, their excuse would also be the same, the Covid-19 pandemic.

It’s a viable reason given the situation but at the same time it begs the question, why did Joe Biden support and even kneel for Black Lives Matter, whose supporters rioted, looted, and pillaged cities around the country in massive numbers?

Why didn’t he disavow that as a possible spreader of the virus? Why was Dr. Anthony Fauci, with who Biden is working in lockstep, also avoidant of the topic of whether or not people should be out rioting, despite telling the average Joe to stay at home? (No pun intended)

One can only speculate as to the ‘what ifs’ but we think these are very important questions. As reported in Politico:

Biden sketched out his plans for Jan. 20, saying they are likely to mirror the 2020 Democratic National Convention, which was conducted almost entirely remotely, rather than have participants descend on one central location. Biden said members of his transition team are in contact with those who helped organize the virtual convention, though many of the details are still in flux.

Meanwhile President Trump has actually not conceded and continues to battle on with large support from his base to try to prove that the election was riddled with fraud in key swing states, in the view of the campaign. Facebook, Twitter and most mainstream outlets have gone above and beyond to tell people over and over that that is almost an impossibility.

We aren’t implying we have the proof to the contrary, but we do believe the American people should be able to decide for themselves what they think ultimately.

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