‘Time to Delete Your Account’ Anti-Trump GOP House Rep. Adam Kinzinger Tweets Demand to President

It was reported today that only 25 Republican representatives in Congress believe Joe Biden beat Donald Trump in last month’s presidential election and Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger is likely on that list, given recent statements that he has made.

On November 28th, Kinzinger retweeted GOP VA Congressman Denver Riggleman, who lost a primary in June and likely is another one on the list as he complained about being called a “traitor” for his push back against the president.

Kinzinger said at the time, “100%. Elections are important, accepting the results are too. Please note: this list is of those who believe that win or lose, you accept the will of the people. Saying an election is stolen doesn’t make it so. Lies and conspiracies won’t work.”

The next day, Kinzinger directly attacked Trump and said, “The FBI did not rig the election. If you find yourself believing they did, please stop, and say it out loud, and you will realize how silly it sounds. Donald Trump simply flooding the zone with baseless conspiracies again.”

After Trump tweeted on Wednesday what he believed was perhaps “the most important speech” he’s ever made, Kinzinger was again not impressed and this time he issued a demand to Trump that would definitely make the Democrats happy: “Time to delete your account.”

In an interview that was released yesterday by Politico, Kinzinger believes, “We have two different directions to go as Republicans and I’m on the direction of, let’s get back to our roots and explain what conservatism is, so we can actually win the generation we’re gonna need to stay relevant.”

Kinzinger insisted, “I’m not saying this to try to sound cool, but I’m not afraid of anything in politics.”

Attempting to play the role of the “concerned” Republican, Kinzinger continued, “I think the long term impact of this could be devastating … It’s important to be outspoken. That’s why I decided to put this on the line. We’ve lost our moral authority to be outraged.”

“When you end up where principles don’t matter, beliefs don’t matter, it’s just about who can be the loudest and kind of maintain power through raw anger and aggression, you’re no different than a lot of Latin American countries at that point.” Kinzinger claimed.

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