Joe Concha Believes KJP’s Days Are Numbered Amid Fumbled Pressers, Predicts White House ‘Pivot’ on Fox News Segment

Fox News commentator Joe Concha believes that White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre has limited time left after the ridiculous pressers of late at the White House have continued.

Concha is asked, “How much longer can she continue this bob and weave?”

Concha responded, “Not too much longer.” He points out that watching the press briefings are painful.

During one recent press briefing, KJP was asked if she would bring a representative from the Department of Justice. in to answer questions about Biden’s classified document scandal. KJP told the reporter she would not, but continued to refer reporters to the DOJ for answers.

Concha called it a “circle of communication where there is no communication.”

As the White House refuses to be forthcoming about the information in Biden’s classified document scandal little bits of information come out slowly over day days keeping the news in the spotlight.

Concha is then asked, “How could she handle this better though?”

He gave credit to the former White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, for being able to think on her feet and was able to push back. “You get the feeling from KJP, that she can’t answer these questions or pivot or at least show that she knows or has some ability to grasp what’s going on,” Concha railed on KJP. He went on to point out that she doesn’t seem to have the ability to be contrite or humble in her responses to the press.

“How much longer does KJP have in this role?” was the next question Concha was asked. He believes that within the next couple of months, there will be a “pivot” to John Kirby as the next Press Secretary.

Concha shared how painful it is to watch KJP’s press briefings and that, he can’t stand to do it anymore.

The DNC Chair Jaime Harrison shared his support of KJP on Twitter with:

“@KJP46 is an amazing talent with the patience of Joab. Unlike the previous administration that stopped having briefings, Karine steps into the arena daily, armed with the truth & fueled by the President’s commitment to deliver for the American people. Keep pushing my friend!”

Concha said that doesn’t mean much coming from the DNC Chair.

Concha is not alone in viewing the press briefings as painful, time will tell if Kirby takes over for her soon.


  1. You’d have to be a genius to be able to keep up with all the lies coming from the WH regime! Well, she’s no genius and she accepted the devil’s offer.
    I can hear the screams of racism, sexism, homophobism and all the rest of the ism’s and ist’s now.

    1. It’s always better to hire a competent person rather than hiring someone because they sre a black lesbian.
      She sets Affirmative Action back 50 years.

  2. I think that Karine Jean-Pierre is the PERFECT face of the Xiden regime. She (AHEM) checks ALL of the boxes except for that one labelled “competent.”

  3. She was put there for a purpose & that purpose was to have the first gotosumieto female spokesmouth in history. It is painful to watch & certainly frustrating but I wouldn’t mind helping her with a good ram job to that hot little bod.

    1. gutter mouth and brain for a serious subject!

    2. “Ram Job” LOL! Don’t forget, she doesn’t like D, she likes P. From your description, it sounds like you desire to stick your D in her A, because she doesn’t like it in her P

  4. “…Unlike the previous administration that stopped having briefings.”

    Is that true? What was the job of Kayleigh McEnany?

  5. Hard to find anyone more stupid than The Demented Psychopath, but they did it Kareen Joo Joo Pee-Air.

  6. KJP is a troll. A big, fat middle finger from the radical Left. They are mocking you.

  7. The Trump admin reduced its press briefing tempo because they never got anything but hostility, stupid questions, and fake news reporting for their effort. In spite of that, Trump had two of my favorite WH press secretaries ever. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is now the governor of Arkansas and doing a great job. In spite of KJP’s incompetence in the job, I can only feel sorry for her trying to make the Biden admin look good, an impossible task.

  8. When this happens, Republicans should immediately charge the Biden Administration and the Democrat Party as a whole, racists and demand a Congressional investigation and possible impeachment.

  9. Lying for a living is hard on your soul.

  10. This entire regime is chock full of checked box alphabet freakazoids….aside from the white collar criminals that work(ed) for the Kenyan.

  11. Ab-so-lutely, chock full o nuts!, is but for a handful of smart, diabolical, and evil ones attached to BO…

  12. KJP seems to be a great match for Brandon. Brandon stumbles, wanders, and denies through his reign, so KJP ,following in accordance, is expected.

  13. I feel so sorry for this young lady. She is so obviously in over her head with Joe Biden as the president. His administration is like a three-ring circus, and I’m certain that if any of Joe Biden’s staff asks him for clarifications, he barks at them like a dog. Shame!

  14. She is by far the worst presidential spokesperson in the modern era.
    It is quite apparent that the only reason this noncitizen got the job was that she is black lesbian and a pathological liar, just like her employer.

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