Woke Prosecutor Previously Suspended by Ron DeSantis Fails Bid to Get Reinstated Despite Intense Efforts

The allegedly Soros-linked Andrew Warren has failed to get his job back. US District Judge Robert Hinkle claimed in his opinion that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) violated the Florida Constitution and First Amendment.

However, it was determined Hinkle did not have the ability to reinstate Warren, the Hillsborough County former state attorney. This is a win for DeSantis with an asterisk. From CNN in part:

“The First Amendment violations were not essential to the outcome and so do not entitle Mr. Warren to relief in this action,” Hinkle said. “The suspension also violated the Florida Constitution, and that violation did affect the outcome. But the 11th Amendment prohibits a federal court from awarding declaratory or injunctive relief of the kind at issue against a state official based only on a violation of state law.”

Warren is demanding he be reinstated anyway. “This is not over” he kvetched reportedly.

It seems without an official win, radical leftists will hold this against DeSantis somehow, either to try to guilt him into changing his mind, or use this against him in possible future campaigns, or both.

However, in our prediction, it would hurt DeSantis more politically if he did reverse course, despite left wing pressure. So we will stay tuned but expect this contentious issue to continue to evolve without and immediate happy resolution for Warren.

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