Journalist Who Backed Out of Story Wrecked After Senate Candidate Challenged him on Avoiding Biden Coverage

‘America First’ candidate for U.S. Senate Lauren Witzke isn’t taking the bait from a reporter for Delaware State News, Matt Bittle. In a tweet, Witzke calls out the reporter including an email exchange between her and the reporter. “Hey @MatthewCBittle- noticed you decided not to run this story after we responded to your comment request.”

Planning on coming to the rally tomorrow?”

In the tweet you can see an email Bittle sent Witzke asking “What exactly are you aiming to accomplish, and how many people are you expecting?” in regards to an event she put together for this Saturday called “Believe Women rally against Chris Coons”. You can see the event information below in a Facebook post from the Lauren Witzke for Delaware page.

Bittle responded to the tweet claiming he “was never writing a story on it — just curious. Got too much else to do!” Witzke hit back at the reporter again, for his pathetic attempt to cover his motive. “You have better things to do than cover serious, credible sex abuse allegations against a former vice president who’s the presumptive Democratic nominee for President, who also happens to be from the state you live and (allegedly) do journalism in?” Which can be seen in a tweet below.

Finally, in what seems to be his last attempt to cover himself in a tweet response, Bittle goes as far as to blame the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, for not covering the sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden and the outright hypocrisy of those on the left who sought to destroy Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Witzke also posted to Facebook about the interaction and included a few more emails from the original exchange between the two, which can be seen below. It shows the reporter asks her a question irrelevant to the original email. Was he trying to make one more attempt at possibly getting a story that would fit his agenda or trying to take a shot at angering her? Bittle asked, “Do you believe the allegations made by numerous women against President Trump?”

Witzke politely thanked Bittle for the reply and reminded him, it is the media’s job to hold those in power accountable closing with “I sincerely look forward to your coverage of Biden approximating your coverage of Trump’s accusers”

This interaction highlights the fact, if the story doesn’t fit with the mass media agenda it won’t be told or it will be suppressed. If Bittle was ‘just curious’ why would he email from his work email using the signature that highlights that he is a writer for Delaware State News. If not, why not take up the invitation and go to the rally and observe the interactions and speeches planned to do some real reporting instead?