Joy Behar Chalks Up Kamala Harris’ Upside Down Favorability Rating to Her Being a ‘Woman’ and ‘Black’

On ABC’s “The View” yesterday, the ladies discussed a recent poll that found Vice President Kamala Harris’ favorability rating to be upside down.

In the latest poll released yesterday by the Los Angeles Times, as of July 27, 45% of registered voters had a favorable opinion of Harris and 48% had an unfavorable opinion, giving her a net rating of -3 percentage points.

To start things off, Co-host Whoopi Goldberg asked Behar “Where do you think this is coming from Joy?”

Behar responded sarcastically, “Well let’s see… what’s different about her that we haven’t seen before… what could it be?”

“Oh, she’s a woman and she’s black,” Behar noted.

Behar then accused “the right” of giving her undue criticism on (illegal) immigration and that she has been handed a tough task essentially, demanding that they “Back off!”


Fox News contributor Leo Terrell blasted Behar for blaming Vice President Kamala Harris’ low approval rating on racism and sexism.

The civil rights attorney appeared on “Fox & Friends” yesterday and said that Behar is “throwing Americans under the bus by accusing them of being racist.

From Fox News:

LEO Terrell: [Kamala Harris] was the White House point person on the southern border. The American voter is saying she’s doing a horrible job. But let me tell you what’s so insulting about that. Those numbers and the statement made by Joy Behar, she just threw over half of this country under the bus by accusing them of being racist. That is insulting. It’s a statement. It’s a conclusion without any facts. 

They don’t like Kamala Harris’ job performance. So is Joy Behar calling everyone of all different colors, ethnicity racist? That’s what I’m talking about, for her to have that national platform and make an illogical, racist statement. She just threw over half of America under the bus. 

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