Joy Reid Tries to Pit Trump Supporters Against Tucker Carlson Fans, ‘They’re Free to Dump the Old Man…’

We are fans of Tucker Carlson here at Media Right News. We are allowed to be because we are an opinion news outlet. We are also fans of Donald Trump. There have been more than a few times when Tucker Carlson, who supports Trump supporters, has signaled against Donald Trump. We respect free thought and dissent within the right and he is clearly allowed to have various different opinions.

Former President Trump certainly isn’t the perfect man, politician, or president. But one thing some people like Tucker Carlson, and a few other “populists” who have tried counter-signaling Donald Trump lately never really understand, and may never. This article in particular isn’t for putting on blast all the other “Twitter personalities” we have in mind, so we won’t do that today.

But those who pay attention to these things know exactly who we’re referring to. Those who cozy up to Trump when the time is right, and throw shade at him in an attempt to dissuade others from supporting him any time they get the chance.

There is certainly a faction of the right-wing who wants someone else to lead the Republican party, even the America First wing if you will. America First, of course, is sadly becoming a relatively generic term.

At the end of the day, no one brings the energy and the boldness that Donald Trump does, and even though he’s younger than Reid’s president, Joe Biden, Reid tries to “almost” agree with Carlson, who she thinks is a White Supremacist, for the sake of hopefully getting others to throw Trump under the bus.

It’s funny how the most radical of leftists will still try to quote people who they claim are the worst of the worst if it somehow means hurting Trump in the process. In other words, Democrats hate Trump so much, they’ll do almost anything to make him look bad. Sometimes we wonder if Trump takes notes of those who seek to quietly subvert him on the right, vs. those who loudly do it such as soon-to-be-former U.S. House Rep Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) for example.

Tucker Carlson is unhappy that Donald Trump hasn’t done more to help those in jail since January 6th. That’s definitely a sensitive topic for many and Carlson may actually make some good points… But the question is, are the points done from a position of good faith or to subtly undermine support for Donald Trump? It’s anyone’s guess really, as Carlson tries to be relatively independent when it comes to how he feels about Donald Trump.

Carlson was one of the first to call out those who tried to say there was election fraud after the 2020 election. Many Trump supporters were not happy with Carlson for a while after that.

Meanwhile, other Republicans still campaign on fixing election fraud and push for audits in various states, such as Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers has been doing, with large success. Joy Reid quote tweeted the video of Carlson’s unhappiness with Trump as an attempt to claim that Trump is losing influence.

“The slow pivot against Trump begins. They don’t need him anymore. They’ve solidified Trumpism into a cult of white victimhood over history education, books w/ white villains, masks & vaccine mandates. They’re free to dump the old man and put the usual oligarchs back in charge.”

Many have said the recent Republican clean sweep in Virginia was partially due to support for Trump. Others say that it only happened because Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin distanced himself from Trump.

But if that’s true, why did Republicans do better than expected in the New Jersey elections and the Virginia state house elections too? Many who won on November 4th were staunch Trump supporters, as many left-wing outlets have been quick to point out.

So perhaps Trump’s influence isn’t going anywhere, but rather the usual suspects are trying to push and prod that narrative anyway, in hopes that it does.

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