Judge Overrules Jury Decision on Transgender Child Custody Case, Both Parents Will Have Say

Judge Kim Cooks in the 255th Family District Court ruled today that seven-year-old James Younger and Jude Younger would remain under a joint managing conservatorship under their parents, Jeffery Younger and Anne Georgulas. This comes as an update to our previous story stating that the judge had not yet decided.

The update came shortly after 11 of the 12 jurors in the case came to a consensus that sole custody for the Mother of the twins Dr. Georgulas would be awarded.  This decision by the jury lifted this case into national attention.

Dr. Georgulas had been in the process of transitioning her son James to Luna and had previously requested a restraining order on Jeffery Younger that would prevent him from referring to his son by his given name or male pronouns. The restraining order would also mean that Younger would need to avoid taking James around anyone who would not affirm him as a female and call him Luna.

The ruling by Judge Cooks means that both parents have a claim in making medical, psychological and other decisions. 

Some on Twitter had harassed the Judge before she had even made her ruling assuming she had already ruled when reading what the jury had decided. 

“Hey @kimcooks4judge,

Why are you ruling to allow a FORCED sex change of a seven year old boy?

This is an abuse of power to promote a political agenda at the expensive of a child!”


SEE TWEET FROM @stclairashley BELOW:

She also shot off another tweet:

“The judge on the case, @kimcooks4judge, has blocked me. 

Elected officials are NOT allowed to block citizens. A legal expert of all people should know this. 

Don’t hide like a coward from your decision to force a 7 year old boy to transition to a girl! #ProtectJamesYounger


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