Kamala Harris Reportedly Takes Wait-and-See Approach With Waukesha: ‘We Do Not Yet Have All the Details’

Vice President Kamala Harris issued a curious statement earlier today, cautioning Americans to rush to judgment on the intentional vehicle attack that took place yesterday in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

According to CBS News’ Tim Perry, Harris said about the attack, “We do not yet have all the details, but we do know that there are 5 families who have lost loved ones.”

“We know that at least 40 people have been injured, and we know that that entire community is grieving,” Harris reportedly added.

Some are wondering why the wait-and-see approach from Harris when others in the past haven’t been given a similar benefit of the doubt.

Twitter user “Dagny Delinquent” asked in response to the news, “How come when it came to Rittenhouse they didn’t wait for all the details?”

Police said that the suspect, Darrell Brooks, intentionally plowed the SUV that he was driving into the crowd of parade marchers.

As we previously reported, Brooks now faces five counts of intentional homicide with the potential of more charges on the way.

In a tweet, Harris said, “The violence that occurred last night in Waukesha, Wisconsin is heartbreaking.”

“To the families who lost a loved one and the entire Waukesha community, please know that we are praying for you—and stand with you,” Harris added.

Brooks had recently been freed after posting a $1,000 bond, despite a litany of recent charges, as we also previously reported.

Twitter user “crypto lefty” referenced the fact that Harris previously had previously promoted a bail fund for “those protesting on the ground in Minnesota.”

“No one in the GOP has (correctly) blamed Kamala Harris for raising the bail money for people like the driver in Waukesha,” the Twitter user explained.

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