Darrell Brooks Faces 5 Counts of Intentional Homicide, With More Charges Possible

Darrell Brooks Jr, the alleged car parade murderer, now faces five counts of intentional homicide with the potential of more charges on the way.

“Live updates: Waukesha parade crash suspect Darrell Brooks Jr. faces 5 counts of intentional homicide”

As we previously reported, “It is now being reported there are at least two confirmed dead. Reported shots were a police attempt to stop the threat, unconfirmed if any shots were fired from SUV.

Reports are coming out that more than 20 people have been injured in a Waukesha, Wisconsin Christmas Parade, following a Red SUV plowing into people in the parade.

It is also being shown that Brooks has a long criminal record including battery. “According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Darrell Brooks Jr was out on bail after he was charged with purposely running over a woman with his vehicle Are you paying attention yet?”

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Brooks was released on bail following him running over a woman with a vehicle. Due to this soft-on-crime approach, five people have died and close to 50 injured from this heinous attack.

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