New Black Panthers Gather Outside Ahmaud Arbery Court House, ‘Black People are Not Gonna Take a Not Guilty Verdict Here Laying Down’

The black nationalist group, “Black Panthers” gathered outside the Ahmaud Arbery courthouse as they threatened the court.

One man there said, “Black People are Not Gonna Take a Not Guilty Verdict Here Laying Down.” This comes as multiple members of the militia marched with guns which could hint at violence coming if there is a not guilty verdict.

“‘We have to develop a squad of undercover hit-men to go after these goddamn killers,’ Said Minister Mikhail Muhammad, a spokesman for the New Black Panther Party, outside of the Ahmaud Arbery trial in Brunswick, Georgia.”

#HappeningNow a #2a march is about to start with New Black Panthers in Brunswick, Georgia”

Some may wonder how it is possible for a fair verdict to come out when there is a threat of violence if the jury doesn’t go one way. While the Black Panthers group is allowed to threaten the court, Democrats have been silent on it.

Some may wonder what would happen if a group of white-armed men went to a courthouse and threatened the court if a certain ruling is made. Most would agree there would be media outrage but for this group, there is none.

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