Kari Lake Throws Down the Gauntlet, Challenges ‘Radical Opponent’ Katie Hobbs to a Debate: ‘You Name the Time, You Name the Place’

Arizona GOP Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake responded yesterday after it was reported that Democratic nominee Katie Hobbs “may be preparing to skip out on debating her opponent.”

Lake declared in a video that she shared in a tweet:

“It looks like my radical opponent Katie Hobbs is going to take a page out of Joe Biden’s playbook and campaign from her basement.”

“Do you want to find out if she’s serious about being governor? If she is, she will take me up on this offer.”

“Katie, I’m speaking directly to you, you claim to care about the people of Arizona, prove it, debate me. You name the time, you name the place.”

“To make things even easier for you, I will allow you to choose the moderator, hell, I’ll even let you write the questions.”

“Seriously, your consultants can write every single question, ask me anything. This is your opportunity to prove to the people of Arizona that you actually have a tiny sliver of respect for them.”

“I’m making it unbelievably easy for you. Think really hard before you turn down this chance. I don’t think you’ll do it, I think you are a coward. Prove me wrong.”

In regards to a potential debate, Hobbs’ campaign spokesman Joe Wolf told 3TV/CBS5 on Thursday, “We will be seeking changes to the format to ensure that Arizona voters get a robust policy debate based on fact, instead of regurgitated lies about the 2020 election.”

“We will not engage in a circus that insults and embarrasses Arizonans. We do not need to look further than the last debate Kari Lake participated in for such an example,” Wolf suggested.

Lake again shared the video today in another tweet and reported that “24 hours later. No word from @katiehobbs.”