Kari Lake, Who ‘Assumed’ CNN ‘Already Fired Him’ Asks Followers in Poll if She Should Accept Request to be Interviewed by Jim Acosta

Former news personality Kari Lake loves taunting left-leaning CNN. Many on the right are fine with that of course, as CNN has been pushing almost all biased points of view for some time now, sometimes to the point that it’s comical in our view.

CNN has been firing some of its top brass though, and changes are on the way. It hasn’t done a full 180 however, and will probably stay left-leaning if we had to predict, even though there have been major changes due to poor ratings. Kari Lake is doing well in the polls as the Trump-endorsed GOP nominee for the Arizona governor’s race.

Many pundits feel she has a good chance of winning. Not only that, but it is being said by some that the down-ballot is helped out by her popularity. Mark Finchem for Secretary of State, and Blake Masters for U.S. Senate will likely get a down-ballot boost.

Many on the left and even some who are considered “RINOs” on the right have been worried about Finchem’s election integrity efforts. Finchem was even recently locked out of his Twitter account, although Elon Musk when alerted by Jenna Ellis and after Media Right News exclusively reported on it, unlocked the account. Many on the left including the Washington Post appeared furious that Finchem’s account was freed by Musk, even though there was never any official violation given, to begin with, according to Finchem’s team.

Kari Lake is now taunting CNN once again in the midst of all this election drama. She claims CNN’s Jim Acosta wants to interview her. She made a joke that she thought he had been fired and is asking in a poll if her followers think she should do it.

The poll options are “Yes, give ’em hell”, and “No, he’s a hack”. The first option is winning by a slight margin so far, showing just over 55% at our last check. See tweet:

“My team informed me that Jim Acosta has requested an interview. I assumed they had already fired him, to be honest. Should I do it?

Time will tell if the interview happens and how the upcoming Arizona GOP aspirations pan out.

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