Elon Musk’s Twitter (Mistakenly?) Locks Mark Finchem Out of his Account One Week Before Mid-Terms

Update, 7 PM ET: Elon Musk is now looking into situation.

Original story:

We’re not sure if this was a mistake or not. However, the GOP nominee and Trump endorsed candidate for Arizona Secretary of State, Mark Finchem is locked out of Twitter.

Finchem had to take to Donald Trump’s Truth Social and other social media mediums to get the word out. See post below:

Truth Social Screenshot

Finchem is known for speaking about election integrity and ”following the law”. He has become a political target for many on the left.

Speaking to a source, Finchem’s campaign told Media Right News they aren’t aware of any specific tweet this could be for.

In his last tweet, Finchem thanked another Twitter user for telling him that he planned to vote for him.

Twitter user Eric Weaver told Finchem, “You got my vote Mark. West Valley.” Finchem replied in a quote tweet, “Thank you, sir! Please spread the word.”

Finchem is one of two Arizona statewide Republican nominees that were recently targeted by a PAC set up by U.S. Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-WY).

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