Kathy Griffin Hopes Joe Biden ‘Un-Cancels’ Her After Fake Severed Trump Head Fiasco Ruined Her Career

Washed up Trump-hating comedian Kathy Griffin is hoping that Joe Biden, declared President-Elect by most media outlets, is going to save her career. This comes after Griffin has been in a tailspin since her stunt she pulled posing for a photo with her and a fake severed head of President Trump’s.

Griffin has made a few attempts to revive her career with some success, but most likely she will never fully rise to the point she used to be at before her radical feelings came to light.

A tweet below her question also brings other questions into the light, was it worth it for the Trump campaign to pander to groups that traditionally don’t skew Republican while not paying enough attention to the white working-class Americans who got him elected in 2016? Time will tell.

Kathy Griffin tweeted a pic of Joe Biden and asked “Is this who I apply to for my un-cancellation???” Someone commented below it, “The gays NEVER canceled you. We have your back, just like you have ours!”

It’s hard to tell what Bided thinks of Kathy Griffin. The fact is Biden is moderate. But much of the GOP is afraid Kamala Harris and the radical left plans to bully him into submission and help them enact their radical left-wing agenda that includes things like reparations if he gets inaugurated on January 20th, 2021.

Biden himself does plan sweeping gun control as well, with our without the screams from the Squad and others “lobbying” him, so it will be interesting how that ends up manifesting.

One major thing to note that society canceled Kathy Griffin for the most part, not President Trump, who has been the antithesis of today’s left-wing and RINO ruled cancel culture dynamic. One other thing is likely as well, 74 million Trump voters will probably not forget and go back to her as fans if they ever were, to begin with.