Kathy Griffin Loses it, Posts Picture of Herself She’s Sure ‘Trump Cult Haters’ Love to Circulate

You would think that after the reported win of Joe Biden, (although President Trump is still disputing it and battling it out) that the biggest Trump haters and Democrat Hollywood weirdos would finally be at peace. Apparently, that is quite the opposite.

In our view, in fact, it seems as though these radical former icons turned activists have been seeing President Donald Trump as the yin to their yang all along. Many of them have used their hatred and propensity to bash Donald Trump as a way to get publicity, gain Twitter followers, or have something to talk about on late-night shows.

It’s speculated by many that CNN will have much lower ratings if they are unable to bash ‘President’ Donald Trump as much. This theory of ours is bolstered by a recent tweet by none other than our favorite hater, Kathy Griffin.

Apparently, she is infatuated with a particular paparazzi photo of herself being circulated around by some and wants to get reassurance by her Twitter followers (who does that?) that she doesn’t look so bad after all in the picture, for 60 years old.

What do you think is going through her mind? We can’t even begin to imagine. We did not even begin to attempt to fix the grammatical and capitalization issues in the below quote:

“trump cult haters LOVE to post this pic of me taken by a paparazzi photographer, because I’m supposed to be in full make up and constantly posing when I’m working out?


ps, I’m a 60 year old woman, fer chrissake”

Based on our previous reporting of Griffin’s apparent insecurities, it is projected by our official opinion that Griffin will continue to be angry about Donald Trump and his supporters for years to come, despite the final outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

Recently she even said that she hopes Joe Biden un-cancels her, (not sure how that can be done) after her publicity stunt with fake severed Donald Trump head backfired on her in a major way. Time will tell what happens next.