Katie Pavlich Claims Joe Biden ‘Trying to Fix Crime Problem he Created’ and also Due to Dems Defunding Police, With More Gun Control

Media Right News writer Dave Caron posted to his Twitter the clip where Fox News’ Pavlich called out what she believes to be not only hypocrisy but a ploy to use one failure of Biden’s administration to advance another agenda instead of fixing the issue.

Many believe defunding police helped create a higher crime that the nation is now facing. President Biden may not have pushed outright for defunding police, but many Democrats did, and he didn’t push back against it hard enough. Biden also had shown up to kneel with Black Lives Matter rioters.

“They (Democrats) created a crisis of defunding the police, allowing criminals to go free, to be on the streets, and now they’re complaining that they’re going to solve the problem by using the crisis that they created, to go for more gun control”.

Pavlich continued her rant: “You have Joe Biden saying we’re going to use money from a relief fund, federal money, to basically bail out Democratic mayors and city councils, that have defunded the police, in order to rehire police they have defunded.”

Fox News’ Harris Faulkner then showed an image depicting rising crime in many cities. One thing that stood out to us was that it showed Portland, OR of having a 533% increase in murders. Previously we wrote about a report from Fox News that said 800%, so we’re not sure why the discrepancy.


Previously we wrote about other reports that Portland, OR homicides had actually jumped 800% earlier this year. See our other story below and stay tuned for updates.