Kayleigh McEnany Drops Bomb, Says She Won’t Take Questions from Activists

White House Press Secretary for President Trump Kayleigh McEnany spoke to the press today and took questions. It appears that while the Trump administration is still doing its best to address potential improprieties in key swing states with the help of their legal team, Kayleigh has set out to make a more broad point.

She appears to feel that no matter what the ultimate outcome is, the Democrat party is hypocritical to demand a “smooth transition” to a Biden presidency after the baseless impeachment and horrible treatment of President Donald Trump over the last four years.

She also highlighted ongoing election improprieties in the view of the administration.

Chanel Rion tweeted out a clip captioned:

“There is real time data showing impossible numbers, statistics, and clear irregularities in our 2020 election. Where is our FBI?”

Towards the ends, Kayleigh was not interested in what she likely felt were hostile one-sided reporters and slammed them as such. “I don’t call on activists,” she said before storming off.

The press secretary went on to tout lives likely saved by Donald Trump’s extraordinary efforts to help Pfizer and Moderna bring vaccines for Covid-19 to market extremely fast. You can watch the longer clip below:

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