Kayleigh McEnany Gives Statement Condemning Violence, Announces Plan for Peaceful Transition of Power

Yesterday was probably the most intense day in recent political history. Trump supporters, possibly others, entered the U.S. Capitol building in Washington D.C., and unfortunately, one woman was shot and killed. There are reports that three others lost their lives yesterday as well.

President Trump was suspended from social media yesterday after the companies made the assessment that he was not strong enough in his condemnations of the storming of the U.S. Capitol building.

The White House and Team Trump accounts appear to still be active. White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany issued a somber video speech recently, condemning yesterday’s violence, but also pointing out that Democrats have not been hard on left-wing protesters in recent times in the White House’s view.

This is a position that even some Republicans appear to be hesitant to take right now though, as the political tensions run high, and many are fearful for a backlash against Republicans from Democrats after yesterday.

Kayleigh went on to tell the world that the Trump administration plans a peaceful transition of power to Joe Biden on January 20th.


Earlier we reported that many Democrats and others are pushing to have President Trump removed early via the 25th amendment. Although there are only 13 days left before the planned inauguration of Joe Biden, people are nervous about the political tensions and other things that have been happening, and Democrats likely are looking to consolidate power as well.

Vice President Pence has been hesitant to assist with the Democrats who want him to support Trump’s removal, but many Trump supporters feel Pence has already betrayed President Trump in their view. We will bring updates are we are able to on this developing situation.