Pelosi Calls on Pence to Remove President Trump via 25th Amendment, Pence May Not be On Board

In a press conference today, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) pushed for Vice President Mike Pence to use the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office. Pelosi stated, “if the vice president and cabinet do not act, the Congress may be prepared to move forward with Impeachment, that is the overwhelming sentiment of my caucus.”

NBC News tweeted “BREAKING: Speaker Pelosi calls for VP Pence and the Cabinet to remove President Trump from office via the 25th Amendment, or another impeachment effort may be carried out by Democrats.”

NBC News reported on the speech tweeting, “Speaker Pelosi on review of Capitol security: It goes beyond the Capitol Police. It goes to FBI and the intelligence they provided. Dept. of Defense: how long did it take them to respond? It goes to many other elements of Executive Branch, and we have to have a full review. Speaker Pelosi: There was a failure of leadership at the top of the Capitol Police. He hasn’t even called us since this happened.”

At some point during the press conference, Pelosi brings up the coronavirus, citing it as “another shortcoming of the president people have died because of his denial distortion and the rest and the rest calling it a hoax. This man is deadly to our democracy and to our people.”

According to a tweet from Frank Thorp V, an NBC producer, Schumer and Pelosi attempted to call Pence this morning to get him to invoke the 25th amendment. Schumer stated they are making the call public, “because he should do it and do it right away.” Pence not acknowledging their phone call bring speculation that he may not be ready or willing to invoke the 25th amendment.

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