Kayleigh McEnany Hammers Media After IG Report Vindicates Trump in ‘Bible Photo Op’ Scandal

An IG report released yesterday vindicated former President Donald Trump, who was accused of clearing Lafayette Park across from the White House so that he could hold a “bible photo op” by the media and many on the left.

According to the report, they had only learned of his interest in surveying the site hours after they already had begun planning to clear the area to put up new fencing.

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who was treated with hostility by reporters like CNN’s Jim Acosta over the event, hammered the media on Twitter after the revelations.

“Here we go again! Episode 100 in ‘the press was wrong, Trump was right!’ I said this from the podium endlessly,” McEnany said in a tweet where she shared an ABC News article on the report.

McEnany explained, “But only now do they finally report the truth: ‘Police did not clear Lafayette Park area so Trump could hold ‘Bible’ photo op: Watchdog.'”

Prior to that tweet, McEnany retweeted a tweet from Chad Gilmartin calling out Acosta for a tweet he made on June 1, 2020 where Acosta said “Just an unbelievable use of military and police force to clear out Lafayette Park of protesters for a photo op at St John’s Episcopal Church.”

Gilmartin wondered “Will Twitter flag this @Acosta tweet for spreading false information?” So far, they have not done so, despite clear evidence.

Following her tweet, McEnany unleashed a flurry of retweets of others who seized on the new report.

Contributor to The Spectator Stephen L. Miller noted in a tweet retweeted by McEnany that in an article on the “photo op” the New York Times, used “8 Bylines at the New York Times. 8.” He described the IG report as “Ah-Mazing.”

Former Trump spokesman Judd Deare exclaimed in a tweet retweeted by McEnany, “They got it wrong!”

The Daily Caller put together a “SUPERCUT” of clips showing “how cable news went all in on the debunked narrative that President Trump gassed peaceful protesters for a ‘photo op,'” which McEnany retweeted.

McEnany also retweeted a tweet by former White House assistant press secretary Harrison Fields, who appeared to feel particularly vindicated by the news.

“As a man of color who proudly served in the Trump Admin, I was often asked how I could work for a man that ‘cleared & pepper-sprayed a crowd protesting for civil rights.’ I told them Trump didn’t do that & they scoffed at me. Turns out the media lied, & the WH was correct,” Fields said.

Despite the report, many on the left and likely even in the media remain unconvinced. They have attempted to discredit the report by pointing out that the IG was appointed by Trump or suggested that they saw what happened on TV, so that makes them more of an expert.

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