Kayleigh McEnany: Trump Attorneys Were Told to Turn Off Cameras, ‘Which They Did Not Do, Good Move’

On her Fox News show “Outnumbered” today, Kayleigh McEnany described the “details” of the Mar-a-Lago FBI raid and how the Trump attorneys were told to turn off cameras, “which they did not do, good move.”

In a clip that McEnany shared on various social media platforms, she began, “The details… get worse and worse.”

“The agents were apparently there from 9 a.m. to 6:30, 9 a.m. to 6:30, that is nine and a half hours as they were scouring through Melania’s closet, breaking open safes.”

“Apparently the attorneys were not just not allowed in, they were told to turn off security cameras, which they did not do, good move.”

“There was a Ryder truck on the scene, apparently the DOJ lawyers, according to Trump representatives, were very rude and they kept saying over and over again, ‘We have full access to everything, we can go anywhere.'”

“It feels like the full power of the federal government raining down on a political enemy.”

During her show yesterday, McEnany called the raid, “Very personal for someone who the FBI was, you could argue, looking at for six years.”

“We know about the dossier. We know the way it was peddled. We know that there was an insurance policy, if you read Peter Strzok’s text, so all of the things President Trump was saying, this just pours fuel on that fire.”

“I will say, I think you can’t look at this in isolation, I think you have to look at this in light of other Trump-related prosecutions.

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