Greg Gutfeld Compares FBI Raid of Trump’s Home to Giving ‘Popeye 55oz Can of Spinach’ in Monologue

In his monologue last night, Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld began by discussing the FBI raid that had occurred at Mar-a-Lago.

Gutfeld claimed that “with the help of the FBI, the Democratic party just endorsed Donald Trump for president of the United States.”

“That raid was a real smart move,” Gutfeld said sarcastically, “You want to take a larger-than-life character and make him even larger? You raid his freaking house.”

Gutfeld then explained, “Basically, they just gave Popeye a 55oz can of spinach.”

“They just gave Hunter Biden a brand-new crack pipe and a high-speed Internet access. They just gave me a book of 1001 poop jokes.”

“Because the raid not only angers Republicans, it energizes them and it energizes Trump.”

“Now the raid is **** wrong, but you got to keep your sense of humor on this for a reason. Part of the strategy of the raid is to get you to react so that they can then cover your anger as danger.”

“The press is already sounding the alarm over the rage on pro-Trump message boards. They’re ready to go, they say, as if you’re going to do commit acts of violence. So don’t get mad. Instead, sympathize.”

“The Dems want Trump back and for good reason. They can’t survive without him. They are drowning and he is their oxygen. You know, they’re just too boring and uninspiring.”

“If Trump’s filet mignon. Democrats are warm Tapioca. Maybe it’s because their current leader’s brains are warm Tapioca.”

“So they’ll do anything to keep the spotlight off him. I mean, can you blame them? This guy gets into fights with his own clothes.”

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