Kayleigh McEnany’s Daytime Show ‘Outnumbered’ Beats Every show on MSNBC and CNN

As Americans accelerate into election season, television news consumers continue to vote with their remote controls.

Many conservatives and supporters of former President Donald Trump’s have been disappointed with Fox News generally for various and some obvious reasons. However, the global left-wing media complex has left many mainstream Republican voters with view viable options.

CNN and MSNBC have continue to flounder as their programming has perpetually spiraled into literal caricatures of themselves as time passes.

Late night TV has dropped to new lows themselves, not only in terms of ratings but in continuous new lows folks like Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen colbert continue to stoop to in our perspective. Greg Gutfeld, also on Fox News, has recently presented his newest show as an alternative to mainstream late light comedy TV.

Meanwhile, Trump’s former rock star press secretary at the White House has taken ’Outnumbered’ to new heights. McEnany recently took MSNBC and CNN to task in the ratings department, in addition to taking Stacey Abrams to task in a recent tweet:

“GONE WITH THE SCIENCE! Don’t you love how the science changes after a Democrat like Stacey Abrams says something crazy? Take a look for yourself at all of the respected scientific institutions (until yesterday I guess) that refer to a heartbeat at 5-6 weeks @OutnumberedFNC“

Although Democrats keep denying predictions that they could lose the Senate and House, we think this trend means bad news for their near term electoral futures.

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