Kellyanne Conway: Former President Trump ‘Wants His Old Job Back’, After Midterms he Can ’Assess the Timing of his Announcement’

Former Senior Counselor to the President, Kellyanne Conway shared with CBS News about the possible announcement from former President Trump about running for the Republican nominee in 2024.

CBS News’ Catherine Herridge probed Conway on her thoughts about what Trump is thinking and planning to do.

Conway shared, “I think once those midterms are done, President Trump can assess the timing of his announcement. I will tell you why he wants to run for president. Donald Trump wants his old job back.”

She had also sat down with Herridge in July as well at that time Conway shared, “My advice to the president privately is my advice to him publicly, which is, ‘If you want to announce, wait until right after the midterms”

Herridge asked Conway if she believed the Trump camp saw DeSantis as a threat to a possible 2024 run.

“I don’t think they are, no.” Conway replied “They’re friends, they’re allies. I think people want Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump to be two scorpions in a bottle. They’re just not.”

This appears to be all Conway’s speculation, it is unclear what terms she is on with the former President. Earlier this year he wasn’t happy with comments she made about the 2020 election.

She did help him attain the presidency in 2016 and has been a loud supporter of his over the years. Her husband George Conway despises Trump and has no problem bashing him all while his wife supported him.

With the midterms a little over a month away, we will see what announcements come forth after the dust settles with those.

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