Ken Buck Tucks Tail, Decides to Throw a Monkey Wrench in GOP Plans to Boot Ilhan Omar from her Committee

U.S. House Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO), told Chuck Todd, “I think that we should not engage in this tit-for-tat” while on “Meet the Press” Friday. When asked about removing members of the House from committees in political retaliation.

Buck’s office confirmed he plans to vote no. on removing U.S. House Rep. Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Todd asked Buck, “Do you think? You know this is something that should be done? And do you think the tit for tat is healthy?”

Buck replied, “I don’t.” He then went on to place blame on former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

“I don’t. I think that Nancy Pelosi ruined this institution. I think she ruined it in a lot of different ways. And one of the ways was kicking members off of committees, which hadn’t been done in the past.”

“Certainly, their own party has kicked members off committees. Steve King from Iowa, for example, was removed from committee assignments by Republicans, but that hasn’t happened with the other party. She she determined who would get on the January 6th Commission and put two Republicans on that committee. So I think that we should not engage in this tit for tat.”

He did differentiate between Omar and the other two Democrats who were removed without a vote from the Intelligence Committee. “I am opposed to the selection or the removal of Congresswoman Omar from committees. I have a little bit less certainty about Congressman Schiff and Swalwell on intelligence just because it’s a little bit different than a regular committee. But I’m going to think through that and make a decision.”

Currently, Kevin McCarthy has a five-vote margin in his effort to remove Omar from her committee. With Reps. Nancy Mace (R-SC) and Victoria Spartz (R-IN) already announced they will not vote to remove Omar and Rep. Greg Stube (R-FL) is not able to vote after being injured in a fall, Buck bringing the total to four which takes the margin down to one.

We expect the vote to remove Omar will take place sometime this week. It will be interesting to see if Republicans are able to remove her or if a small margin of defectors stops the plan.

You can see Buck’s interview with Todd below:


  1. Ahhh…The Uni-Party in Full Bloom.
    Holy Crapp, Big Ken….. It’s NOT Political….
    She’s a CRIMINAL!!!

    1. YES SHE IS…..Then MCCARTHY should make him alone pursue her criminal charges. GET SOME BALLS KEVIN….MAKE HIM PAY FOR VOTING NO….SCUMBAG KEN

  2. Here in Colorado, Ken Buck campaigns and pretends to be a conservative. But for the last few years he has stood with the Left in important matters. As such he is now one of the tame “conservatives” that the Democrats tolerate and really do not try to get rid of.

    Subotai Bahadur

  3. This guy is a dolt. She has REPEATEDLY used anti-American rhetoric. Is here fraudulently and frankly does not belong in Congress.

    What a dolt.

  4. Here’s an idea. Once Omar is gone, this guy and the other two need to be voted off the committee.

  5. Why would anyone want a useless muslim like her? Why is this man intentionally running interference with the Speaker?

  6. It seems that some people are surprised by the way the uniparty works. I guess people need to pay closer attention and stop drinking the Kool-Aid.
    The whole voting operation within Congress is carefully orchestrated so that some members can take the credit some of the time and some take the heat. Next vote, the roles switch.

  7. No offense, but can you explain to me why you think it’s a good idea to have an Israel hating anti-Semite on the Foreign Relations Committee?

  8. It sure didn’t take the Republicans long to betray the people now did it. You want to ask me why I quit the GOP again? ‘Only a fool participates in a rigged system”

  9. Why I am NOT a Republican reason 176,983.

  10. so how much did his campaign fund get gifted? Just another uniparty RINO.

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