Ronna McDaniel Will Retire After New Term, Says ‘Grassroots has Been Fed Disinformation’ by Harmeet Dhillon, but Wants to Unite with her and Mike Lindell after Winning RNC Chair

Ronna ‘Romney’ McDaniel was just re-elected as RNC Chairwoman. She was able to whip a majority of RNC votes, despite many social media discussions appearing to show that Republican voters wanted someone new.

McDaniel appears aware of this imbalance, but blames the “grassroots” for falling for “disinformation” in her words. It seems as though she’s insulting the intelligence of the average Republican voter, admitting she campaigned poorly, or both.

She didn’t have to convince voters, only RNC members who do back door deals behind closed doors in the eyes of many.

“BREAKING: Ronna Romney McDaniel has been re-elected RNC Chair. Final vote: McDaniel: 111 Dhillon: 51 Lindell: 4 Zeldin: 1”

Paul Steinhaiser’s got the clip:

“NEW on @FoxNews – After winning re-election to an unprecedented fourth term as #RNC chair, @GOPChairwoman tells us “this is my last term as chair. I’m saying it on Fox News. It’s done.” Says she’d “love” for @pnjaban to join her on “a grassroots tour” #GOP #rncchair #FoxNews

Some Republicans were concerned that Dhillon may not be much less “swampy” than McDaniel, and that it was unfortunate that MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell did not get more supporters.

Time will tell if Lindell and Dhillon will be willing to work things out with McDaniel and if Dhillon will be the next “anointed” chairwoman instead.

Many conservative activists on Twitter feel betrayed by the RNC for giving McDaniel another shot.

See tweets:

It seems McDaniel knows she’s unpopular and wants to blame Dhillon rather than herself, while also wanting to unite with her somehow. Many will watch to see if Dhillon joins the swamp and cuts deals now or if she stays independent.

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