Kentucky County GOP Unit Censures Mitch McConnell Over Negative Comments on Senate Floor About Trump

On Tuesday, we reported that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) spoke on the Senate floor and explicitly placed blame for the Jan. 6 siege on the Capitol on former President Trump, claiming that he provoked the mob” and “fed” them “lies.”

That night, the Nelson County, KY Republican Party held a teleconference meeting where they passed a motion to censure the longtime Senator over those comments.

The censure, or formal rebuke, that was issued after the vote reportedly accused McConnell of “implying (Trump) and his administration lied about the election,” and that “McConnell has abandoned his Republican base that put him in office.”

Additionally, it was reported that the censure resolution “demands (McConnell) retract his statements impugning the honor of President Donald J. Trump.”

One of the participants in the call who is not a member of the committee was quoted as having said, “I think it’s despicable. I think it’s a shame what he [McConnell] did… because he used us over the past year to get his sorry butt reelected. He used us.”

That caller insisted that McConnell should be removed and that the censure “was not good enough” because they believe McConnell is “one of Joe Biden’s best friends.”

In a tweet about the inauguration, McConnell appeared unfazed and said, “Today, before the entire world, the greatest nation in history carried out another peaceful transfer of power.”

“Congratulations to President Biden and Vice President Harris. I look forward to working together everywhere we can and differing respectfully when we must,” McConnell added, potentially providing fuel to the accusations that he and Biden are buddy-buddy.

McConnell had some harsh words for Biden today, however, over the series of Executive Orders signed on the first day.

Fox News reported that he said, “On the Biden administration’s very first day, it took several big steps in the wrong direction,” and added that there is time for Biden to “remember that he does not owe his election to the far left.”