Kyle Rittenhouse Announces his ’First Time Voting’ this year, Will be Supporting Candidates who will ‘Protect the Second Amendment’

Kyle Rittenhouse has spoken out in regards to his political activism future. Although he isn’t making official endorsements, he has given a clear indication of where he stands. Rittenhouse is from Illinois but also has major connections to the state of Wisconsin.

Many who think of him think of Kenosha, in particular. Many prominent Democrats falsely labeled Rittenhouse as a racist murderer before a jury actually acquitted him of any charges. There seems to also be no indication he is a ”White Supremacist”, as many claimed.

Rittenhouse doesn’t even seem to be extremely far right in our observations and opinion. One thing he wants to make clear however, in a recent tweet, is that he supports the U.S. constitution.

One part of the aforementioned he particularly like for obvious reasons, the second amendment. Rittenhouse will be voting for pro-gun rights candidates.

“It will be my first time voting this year, and I look forward to supporting candidates who will protect the second amendment.”

Before Rittenhouse’s acquittal, it was against the rules to defend, support, or praise him on most social media outlets.

Now, he is allowed on the platforms. He is clearly careful what he says, as he knows how likely biased some of them are against him. Our cover photo shows U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI). We are not saying he is endorsing him in particular. Johnson was endorsed by former President Donald Trump and has an “A” rating with the NRA.