Marjorie Taylor Greene Unloads on Republican Rep Who Refuses to Denounce Antifa After Colorado Rally Murder

We reported in August about how lame duck outgoing Republican Congressman Denver Riggleman (Va) has been bashing QAnon and recently he co-sponsored a bill that passed in the House condemning them.

Last night, following the murder of a Trump supporter in Denver, Colorado, Marjorie Taylor Greene Tweeted out to him and Democratic Rep Tom Malinowski (Nj) asking if they were “putting together a resolution condemning Antifa and ‘rejecting’ the violence they promote.”

Riggleman responded today by telling Greene that his “thoughts last night were w/ the family of the man killed.” He then told her not to “encourage those who are fact challenged-conspiracy theorists like those in #QAnon– or LEFT & RIGHT fringe groups.”

He then referred her to the Denver police, who claimed that the shooter has no affiliation with Antifa. “Check your facts. @DenverPolice can help you. #FactsMatter,” he told her.

Obviously not satisfied with that response, Greene has issued a series of tweets directed at the Congressman and his non-answer to her question, even retweeting Dan Bongino’s Antifa condemnation in one response.

So that’s a “NO,” you won’t introduce a resolution condemning ANTIFA or BLM? Billions of $$$s in property damage, attacked fed buildings, death threats (to me, among others), attacked LEOs. This is not an “idea,” it’s a well-funded and organized terrorist group. #FactsMatter

Just two days ago, deranged leftist Keith Olberman called on radicals to REMOVE Trump supporters from society. Yesterday, a radical leftist Matthew Robert Dolloff took his words literally and murdered a Trump supporter in broad day light. #FactsDoMatter

ANTIFA isn’t an “idea,” it’s a well-funded, well-organzied domestic terrorist operation hell-bent on ripping America apart at the seams. @RepRiggleman, when will you condemn on the floor of the House Marxist BLM and Communist ANTIFA? Your time is almost up. #FactsDoMatter

Marjorie Taylor Greene: @RepRiggleman#FactsDoMatter

Dan Bongino: ANTIFA is a fascist terror-group that uses violence and murder to advance fascism and tyranny in the US. They also enjoy terrorizing Minority communities because they’re devout racists. These are FACTS!

@RepRiggleman, #FactsDoMatter. Antifa is not an “idea.” The fact is Matthew Dolloff, arrested by Denver Police for MURDER, is an avowed radical leftist. Stop repeating the propaganda of violent political terrorists.

If #FactsDoMatter, @RepRiggleman will stop parroting the talking points of @JoeBiden, @KeithOlbermann & Matthew Dolloff. Leftist violence is REAL. Hundreds of arrests. Billions of $$$ in damage. Businesses destroyed. Cops shot. Conservatives murdered. NAME ANTIFA, Denver!

RT if you think @RepRiggleman should get to work and declare Antifa and Black Lives Matter domestic terrorist organizations!

This Denver shooter was a radical leftist who was hired by the fake news media for a BLM event and he MURDERED a Trump Supporter. #FactsDoMatter@RepRiggleman