Leftist Boise Mayor Who Blamed White Supremacists for BLM Skirmish Has Recall Petition Filed Against Her

Today a formal petition to recall Boise Mayor Lauren Mclean was filed. This is the first step in the process to officially recall Mayor Mclean. Once approved the organizers will need to collect signatures from residents of Boise, Idaho.

The petition will need over 26,000 registered voters to sign who live within the city of Boise, and these signatures will need to be collected within a 75-day time frame. Once completed this will open the door to have the recall put to a vote for the entire city. To be successful the recall must receive one more vote than the 23,668 votes that Mclean received when voted into office.

In the Facebook video below, Karene Alton, the spokesperson for organizers filing the petition cites some of the reasons for filing the recall paperwork. Two minutes into the video Alton says “shedding some light on exactly what this mayor wants to, the direction she wants to take the city,” after having exposed the mayor’s proposed budget that includes over a million dollars in funds to left-wing special interests that aren’t inclusive to all citizens earlier in the video.

These photos posted by locals to social media highlight the growing demand to remove the radical left-wing mayor from office

Mclean released a ‘final transition letter’ for her goals for the city of Boise titled ‘A More Equitable City For Everyone‘. Some of what the letter calls for is to “Commit the City of Boise to an ongoing and robust efforts to interrupt white-dominant … creat a network of multi-racial, multicultural community liaisons. to provide ongoing leadership to the city… Create a Youth Council comprised of youth from communities that are marginalized to inform and consult on major city policy decisions impacting their communities.”

Mclean also cites she plans to have the city no longer cooperate with ICE and end all processes of asking about immigration status. This and the list of other agenda items have not sat well with the residents of Boise. It has also caused many in the state of Idaho to be on guard because of the radical leftist ideas coming from the capital of the state.

When the United States started to shut down in an attempt to stifle the spread of Covid-19, the mayor called on the citizen of Boise to ‘rat’ on their neighbors. “If you want to call about, people on the bike park, people on the skate park, businesses that you think shouldn’t be operating or should have more distances.” She directs the to call the non-emergency police line to report.

On July 4th which is our Independence Day, Mayor Mclean’s mask mandate went into effect, this was for everyone over the age of 5 with few exceptions made. Media Right News reported on a mask burning protest organized by Idaho Health Freedom held on July 3rd in protest of the loss of liberties, the choice to wear one or not.

Media Right News also reported on Mayor Mclean’s Facebook post which blamed counterprotesters at a BLM protest, who were composed of ‘Pro-Trump’ and ‘Thin Blue Line supporters’ for ‘White Nationalist Slogans’. She claimed that they yelled “white nationalist slogans” at the Black Lives Matter protesters.

Last night our community witnessed – and many of our residents experienced – physical violence and intimidation by…

Posted by Mayor McLean on Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Mclean has pushed hard for her radical left agenda, and she is not the only target of the group for a recall. The group is also planning to recall city council member Lisa Sánchez, after she wrote an open letter to the parents of Michael Wallace. Wallace accidentally discharged his firearm in a parking garage while leaving a BLM protest. Sánchez states that Wallace “won the race lottery” she signed her letter ‘Brown woman who chose not to have children for fear of their abuse and murder by white people.

Currently, the Governor of Idaho, Brad Little who is a Republican, is also actively being recalled in part for his flaky stance on closings at the beginning of the pandemic. 1916 was the last time a mayor of Boise was successfully recalled. We will have to wait and see what comes of the recall of radical leftist Mayor Mclean.

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