Some Angry that Newly Passed Asheville Reparations Resolution Doesn’t Include Direct Payments to African Americans

Asheville City Council member Keith Young’s ‘RESOLUTION SUPPORTING COMMUNITY REPARATIONS FOR BLACK ASHEVILLE’ was approved unanimously by Asheville, NC City Council.

Media Right previously reported about the proposed resolution:

“The resolution mentions that the author believes Black People have been unjustly enslaved, segregated, incarcerated, and denied housing through ‘racist practices’ in the private realty market… to start out, and the continues on with a much longer list of alleged grievances.

Towards the end it says that the goal of the resolution is to seek to “establish within the next year, a new commission empowered to make short, medium and long term recommendations that will make significant progress toward repairing the damage caused by public and private systemic Racism…” in part. It calls on the city manager to give a bi-annual update, ‘at minimum’, to the city council on the progress of work performed pursuant to this resolution.”

Mayor Esther Manheimer has already signed the resolution. A Community Reparations Commission will be created. This committee will make detailed recommendations as to how to implement the ‘reparations’ to minority communities.

In a statement from Mayor Manheimer, she calls on the Federal government to follow in the same steps saying “It’s clear to me that federal reparations legislation would be the most impactful. However, this is a conversation that is happening among diverse groups of people in cities and towns throughout the United States, and through our resolution, the City of Asheville has joined in this conversation.”

A Tweet below from the ACLU says “Congress, take note.”

Some are upset that the resolution will not be paying out directly to Black people but will be distributed to programs aimed at assisting minority communities. Twitter user @DaRealNickBezz says “I want you all to read this garbage. There are no cash payments. They are using the word “minorities”. And they want to have an all inclusive commission. This is not #reparations at all. Seems like a precursor to gentrification.”

Another Twitter user @AskSweetThing shares the same sentimate calling the gesture misleading “Asheville, North Carolina: Reparations for Black residents approved This is a bit misleading as they won’t be giving out direct payments. Oh no. Because liberals want u to have your reparations but they don’t trust you to spend your own money #reparations

Twitter user @tonetalks simply puts it “This is not reparations.”

It seems what some on the Left are calling a ‘historic move’ is an insult to others on the Left. As Asheville moves forward with the ‘reparations’, will more feel apeased with the move or will they feel placated to? We will have to wait and see.