Leftist Site Praises Jon Stewart for Going on Fox News to ’Troll’ Viewers with Racially Charged ’Joke’

The Daily Beast today praised former Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart for going on Fox News to “troll” viewers with a racially charged “joke.”

Stewart ranted against Republicans for blocking the Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxins Act, also known as the PACT Act, which would greatly expand eligibility for free medical care through the Department of Veterans Affairs, for thousands of veterans who have been exposed to toxic chemicals. 

Outgoing U.S. Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) said of the reasoning behind the move, “My concern about this bill has nothing to do with the purpose of the bill.”

“This budgetary gimmick is so unrelated to the actual veterans’ issue that has to do with burn pits, that it’s not even in the House version of this bill,” Toomey explained.

Stewart, however, was unconvinced and insisted when asked by host Bill Hemmer, “This bill is utterly and completely focused on veterans’ issues.”

“There is no pork in it. It is a kosher bill. I’d say ‘halal,’ but I know how that might play on this network,” Stewart added.

In regards to Stewart’s comments, the Daily Beast referred to them as him “slyly quipping at one point.”

“Jon Stewart Expertly Trolls Fox News Viewers While on Fox News,” the outlet titled the article on Stewart’s interview.

Below the headline, it said, “While discussing how the GOP has stalled a vets health care bill, Stewart cracked some unsubtle jokes at the network’s expense.”

Stewart also mentioned Hunter Biden while discussing the bill, as though he believes that Republicans and non-leftist media outlets are unfairly focused on him for no reason.

“Not one word has been added to that bill from the pact act bill that the Senate passed 84-14. Not one word has been added to it. There is no added pork. Hunter Biden didn’t sneak in and add in unrelated spending in the middle of the night,” Stewart claimed.

The Daily Beast also referred to Fox News’ coverage of Hunter as “obsessive.”

Watch Stewart’s full interview below:

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