Levin Says Susan Rice Describing Herself After Finding Out She Called Grenell a ‘Hack and Schill’

Acting DNI Richard Grenell has been a target since coming into the administration and exposing potential intelligence community flaws. He also helped hold the Washington Post accountable when they misreported a story earlier this month.

After he was appointed to the position by President Trump, former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice blasted him at an event which was reported on by MSNBC at the time in February.

Rice said that he is “one of the most nastiest dishonest people I have ever encountered.” She called him “a hack and a schill” who will be a “tool for the President.”

Rice: The problem is not just that Rick Grenell has absolutely no preparation, no background, or knowledge to be the DNI, the problem is that Rick Grenell is one of the most nastiest, dishonest people I have ever encountered. (audible gasp from audience)

I don’t use this language lightly. He is a hack and a schill and that’s all he’s ever been and he has been put into that job for one reason, which is to turn the intelligence community into a tool for the President’s reelection.

Mark Levin recently uncovered the news report from that time and tweeted out a response to the accusations calling Rice a “loser” and saying she appeared “to be describing” herself.

Actually, you appear to be describing yourself, loser

It seems ironic that she would say that about Grenell, as she was named to a position that didn’t require confirmation of the Senate by Obama after her involvement with the Benghazi controversy while in her previous position.

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