Liberal Outlet Tries to Shame Reporters Like Andy Ngo from Reporting on Violent Rioters With Disgraceful Hit Piece

An article published today by a left-wing publication “The Intercept” sought to provide cover for left-wing violent incidents that have been caught by a group of journalists over the last year.

The hit piece was tweeted out and said the publication said, “Meet the Riot Squad: Right-Wing Reporters Whose Viral Videos Are Used to Smear BLM.”

Independent Journalist Andy Ngo was mentioned in the article and video as having amplified a couple of the videos and he responded to the tweet previewing the video.

Ngo stood up for the other reporters who were more prevalent in the hit piece and said, “As someone who nearly died as a result of being beaten on the head for my video coverage of riots, I cannot overstate how much more you’re endangering these reporters in your hit piece. @spj_tweets & @pressfreedom need to condemn this anti-press freedom propaganda.”

In a tweet on his account, Ngo shared a screenshot of a tweet by CNN’s Jake Tapper and lamented, “When I was hospitalized for a brain bleed following the antifa beating, some journalists said I deserved it. I appreciated that @jaketapper spoke out unequivocally about the assault. He faced significant backlash & more than a year later, deleted his tweet.”

One of the co-founders of The Intercept, Glenn Greenwald, who left last year after a disagreement with the publication’s direction, condemned the publication in a multi-part tweet.

“The Intercept is now actively targeting two journalists of color. They have two white male reporters here putting a target on their backs for the crime of reporting on Antifa riots. This is genuinely disgusting and dangerous. Press freedom groups should condemn this,” Greenwald began.

Greenwald continued, “This is what so much “journalism” is now. They believe that the real menaces are individuals who have politics or ideology different than their liberal orthodoxies. So these reporters are now like criminals to them because they report for right-wing sites, thus this targeting.”

“Journalists have been repeatedly assaulted while covering Antifa protests. Antifa threatens journalists, breaks their cameras, and attacks them violently. The Intercept knows this. They’re showing Antifa which 2 journalists they should look out for. That’s what this is for,” Greenwald explained.

Greenwald concluded by sharing a tweet which showed a left-wing Twitter user suggesting that they would “keep an eye out” for reporters featured in the video and article.

“Here’s an Antifa member explicitly saying they’re going to watch for the two journalists highlighted by the Intercept. That’s the whole point of that Intercept video: to incite violence against these journalists by encouraging Antifa to attack them,” Greenwald concluded.

The Daily Caller’s Jorge Ventura quote tweeted Greenwald, thanking him for speaking up for him and said, “Thank you @ggreenwald for speaking up for us. @theintercept should be ashamed for not reporting facts, the least you can do is reach for a comment.”

Brendan Gutenschwager, who was heavily featured in the article and video as well, quote tweeted Ventura and decried the fact that he “also was never asked for comment for this piece. So much for ‘fearless, adversarial journalism.'”

Gutenschwager was described as having been “something of a Donald Trump groupie” in the hit piece.