Texas Legislators Pass Bill Banning Abortions After Six Weeks, Governor Plans to Sign When it Arrives on His Desk

According to NBC affiliate 5 NBCDFW, a “heartbeat bill” has been approved by the Texas legislature to protect unborn babies in the mother’s womb. This bill, if, and more likely when, signed by Governor Greg Abbott, will virtually ban all abortions after six weeks of conception in the state of Texas.

Abbott tweeted out recently, bragging about the successful bill, hinting that he does indeed plan to sign it, to the dismay of most liberals everywhere. Abbott tweeted:

“The Texas Legislature PASSES the heartbeat bill. It’s now on its way to my desk for signing. Thank you to @SenBryanHughes & Rep. @ShelbySlawson for your leadership on this issue. #txlege

The NBC news affiliate article had one ominous paragraph that seems to us to be trying to scare people opposed to the bill, or to enrage others, stated:

Texas would ban abortions after as early as six weeks — before many women even know they are pregnant — and allow private citizens to enforce the rule through civil lawsuits against doctors and others under a measure given final approval by state lawmakers Thursday.

Many Republican states are sensing that Democrats, partially due to mass immigration and Demographic trends, are taking over the nation. There is a sense among Republicans paying attention that they are losing power left and right. This may be the reason that the red states are doing everything they can lately to flex everything they have to keep power and to remind those in the red states why they came, and possibly make them think twice about if that’s the state they want to live in.

Many Democrats hope to move to red states to swing them blue though, and it seems they are acting lately as though they have plenty of time on their hands to wait for that to happen. Clearly, Republicans are responding with pro-life bills, tax cuts, pro-gun legislation, anti-mask sentiments, anti-vaccination passports, and in some cases bills responding to big tech censorship.

Time will tell if these moves will work, or if they become too little too late. The other hope is that the changing demographics in red states who are more likely to vote Democrat will respect the freedoms and strength of right-wing leadership and perhaps rethink their voting stances altogether.

This may be an unlikely scenario but a hail-mary pass attempt for Republicans nevertheless, as many seek to replicate the shift that happened in Miami-Dade County, with many Cuban-Americans voting for Donald Trump in 2020, despite his eventual losses in other states. It is also possible that some legislators seek to get the Supreme Court to revisit “Roe v. Wade” with legislation such as this.

Recently, as reported by us, Idaho also passed a new abortion law, banning taxpayer money from being used on abortions in that state. As many from California and Portland are moving to Boise and other cities in the ruby-red state of Idaho, Republicans there are seeking to send a strong message in regards to what they’re about. We posted in part:

Republican Idaho Governor Brad Little has signed House Bill 220 on Monday which will prohibit taxpayer money from going to abortion facilities and providers around the state.

In addition to that the bill says no money will support the abortion industry as reported on by Idaho News 6.

This ban most certainly is good news to Idaho Lt. Governor Janice Mcgeachin (R) who is a staunch defender of life in the womb.

“BREAKING: Idaho Governor Brad Little has signed a bill into law that would defund the Planned Parenthood abortion business.”

Whether it be election reform, pro-life bills, pro gun bills, or something else, in red states, legislation seems to beget more legislation these days. We’re not saying the Texas and Idaho bills are connected per se, but the larger movement of red states flexing their muscles as a possible Democrat takeover looms is likely to continue for the forseeable future.

Stay tuned for more updates and responses on the Texas abortion bill as we are able to bring them to you.

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